Westfeldon Boxers (India)
Indian Champion Westfeldon Pluma (Chloe)
Ind. Ch Faerdorn Mulbrae Home and Away x Ind. Ch Brunswick's Spice Girl
Breeder and Handler: Sanjaya Saran
Ind. Ch Westfeldon Pluma winning Bitch CC at Nationals in Bangalore, November 2002. Judge: Ramon Podesta-Chile; Handler: Sanjaya Saran
Excerpt of Judge W. Miles Gunther (Australia) of Guntop Boxers fame's critique, after judging the 99th Championship Show of The Bombay Presidency Kennel Club on February 9, 2003 when Ind. Ch Westfeldon Pluma was shown.


The Boxers were rather mixed in type and quality.  Challenge dog went to an excellent brindle and white dog of very good type.  A lot to like about this dog.  A powerful, stylish male of American type, with excellent general appearance.  Very good head, very much the better sort of  American style head.  Good strong muzzle, with excellent relationship between muzzle and skull.  Good stop.  Good mouth, good dark eyes.  Excellent expression and front on appearance.  Good strong body with correct topline and underline.  Strong legs and angulation.  Moved quite well, with good drive and purpose.  Res CC went to the Intermediate dog winner.  It would have gone to the Indian Bred winner, except for his lameness on the day, (cut foot).  I quite liked the type and balance of this dog, his head in particular, despite his unfortunately light eyes, but his injured foot prevented him going any further than his class win.

Bitch CC and Best of  Breed went to the Bred in India bitch class winner.  A super red and white Boxer bitch with everything to like about her.  Excellent type and size, elegant and feminine, but still with sufficient substance.  This is a great Boxer bitch's headpiece.  Lovely balance of muzzle to skull. A truly super head and expression, powerful in every respect, but still feminine, which is a rare thing and a joy to see.  Good square body, with correct proportions, and a nice depth of  chest and loin.  Good bone and moved quite well.  Her handler who obviously knew how to get the best out of her without forcing the issue, or over handling her in any way, showed her to perfection.  I had no hesitation in awarding her Best in Show.

I would like to take just a further moment to comment on the Boxer entry as I saw it overall.  I have owned and bred this breed for over thirty years.  I won't beat around the bush!  There were too many weak heads.  Heads that were not really typical.  You need to do something about this in your breeding programs.  Have a good look at the head of the bitch I put up, for a start!
Ind. Ch Westfeldon Adriadne (Ziggy)
Ind. Ch Faerdoen Mulbrae Home and Away x Ind. Ch Brunswick's Spice Girl
Breeder and Handler: Sanjaya Saran
Ind. Ch Westfeldon Adriadne winning Bitch CC at the Mumbai Canine Club Show 2003. Judge: Wayne Wakfer (Rep. South Africa); Handler: Sanjaya Saran
Why these two? Well essentially they are a culmination of a breeding strategy that I devised with my friends in the UK about 18 years ago. I have held steadfast to the principles that I decided then, despite quite a few setbacks along the way. I am very proud of these bitches as I feel I am breeding almost true to what the Boxer standard wants within a very limited gene pool here in India..
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