Showing Dogs and What I Expect From Judges - by Margaret Doyle (Darwin-AUSTRALIA)

They are Ch Mindal Tipi To Atee (bred under my husband Graham's  prefix, and his grandchildren(the dog's) bred by myself. We are owner/breeder/handler exhibitors although we don't always show the dog we bred, but handle the one that shows the best for either my husband or myself.
Mrs. Margaret Doyle, who lives in Darwin, Australia, and has exhibited there, was asked a simple question as to what she expected from a judge at a show where she was exhibiting. Her answer was conscise and we quote her:

"I like a judge to be gentle on the dogs they handle and also to know the standard of the breed in the country that they judging. Also not to be afraid to put up young dogs over the older well known ones if it is the better example of that breed."

We wish her all the best for the future.

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