History of PawPrint Boxers


My name is Christina Ghimenti. I live in Northern California and am the proud breeder of PawPrint Boxers. I have been a member of the East Bay Boxer Club for over 11 years and am also a member of the American Boxer Club.


About 12 years ago, I decided I wanted a dog. I had never had a dog before. My parents did not like dogs. But I would walk and babysit all the dogs in the neighborhood. My husband and I bought a nice home, furnished it and decided it was time to bring home my first dog. We researched breeds and came up with the Boxer. After 4 months of searching responsible breeders, we brought Crystal home. Golden's Gracious Gidget is now 11-1/2 years old and still by my side. She opened up a whole world I never knew existed.


My plans for Crystal were simple. I wanted to learn Obedience and of course I wanted to learn about Boxers. I joined a local Boxer club when Crystal was only weeks old. I quickly found out the members were mostly involved in Conformation. Club members helped with cropping and posting her ears, and then later with a handling class. Soon I was entering Crystal in puppy matches and then onto the real AKC shows. Bear in mind I had no idea about such things. I had attended a couple shows to meet Boxers but was clueless what it really was. I also took Obedience classes with Crystal and she did well. She surprised me by doing well in Conformation. She was not a "finishable" dog in my opinion. And it was good I kept that humble thought since I have seen too many people turn bitter when they expect their "pet" to do well at shows. But Crystal was fun, she won some nice classes and even a Reserve against quality competition. And her Obedience was good. Crystal enjoyed the ring and she made me enjoy it also.


One day, I showed a friend's female Boxer in a pinch for her handler. We went Winners Bitch!  I was thrilled. And it was then it happened: the Conformation bug bit me hard. Crystal was 1 year old and I wanted a true show prospect. So I went to Lynda Yon of Rosend Boxers and brought home a very puppy Booker T. These days he is known at Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT. I fell in love with him at first sight but still made myself wait 2 weeks to commit. I did not want to make a mistake. My heart and my brain both agreed he was just incredible.


I had him home for just 2 weeks when I showed him at a local match.


Champion Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT (As a puppy)


Booker T won a Group 2 with a ton of competition. His 2nd weekend in the AKC ring and at the age of 6 months old, I put his first AKC show point on him.



I put a few Reserves on him but soon gave the reins over to a handler who finished him quickly the week he turned 18 months. My first Champion! Just weeks after finishing his Championship, I owner handled him at a large Specialty. Mostly just for the thrill of handling an actual American Champion. I was star struck with my own dog. I had no idea it was only the beginning. The Specialty weekend had an attendance of 70 Boxers. While we did not win the Specialty, Booker T did win Best of Breed the following day. With me handling him! And to make it extra exciting, he won a Group 4 that evening in an very large Group entry. Again with me handling. It was completely unreal. I continued to owner handle Booker T as a special throughout that year. Together we won 10 Best of Breeds and 3 Group Placements. When you consider the top American Specials on the West Coast of California, you will realize just how impressive these wins were.


During this time, I had bred Crystal and Booker T. From that litter we had 2 outstanding males. I began owner handling the boys as pups. I later used the services of some talented professional handlers. Though both myself and the handlers put wins on the boys, I could not have been prouder. The boys became my first home-bred Champions:


Ch PawPrint's Rockin Robin


Ch PawPrint's Rocking n Night Away


These boys were so great, I repeated the breeding and produced the 3rd and final Champion for Crystal. Dudley visited the Nationals and took a 2nd place in his Futurity class. He also finished in only 7 weekends. I proudly owner handled his first weekend in the ring for a 3 point Major win.


Ch PawPrint's Do Right By Me, CGC


During this time, a club member brought her lovely female to Booker T for stud service. We actually had two litters since the first breeding was so promising. From that breeding was produced:

Brazil Gr.Ch RNL All Rights Reserved

India Ch RNL Seize The Moment


American Ch PawPrint's Moment In Time


Another show friend brought a sweet fawn girl to Booker T for stud service. From that litter, PawPrint's Enjoy The Ride came. Though a dog that should have easily finished her Championship, the folks I owned her with decided to take a more Obedience route. Queta was pointed and had even won Best Puppy at the East Bay Boxer Club Specialty match. But she soon proved she could produce as well as her pedigree dictated. Bred only one time, she produced two outstanding American Champions:


Ch PawPrint's Seduction


Am/Can Ch PawPrint's Plainly Spoken, CGC


Crystal was spayed after her last litter and it was time to find a new girl. She had not been able to provide me with an outstanding female, but her 3 Champion sons were more than an accomplishment. So I found myself back at Lynda Yon's house as she just happened to have the nicest fawn girl, looking for a home. Penny came to me at 4 months old. She was just incredible. Penny went Reserve during the ABC Regionals and even took a 2nd place at the National Futurity under Dr Bill Truesdale. She finished her Championship with 3 Majors and became:


Ch Rosend's n PawPrint's New Year, CGC TT


While I was showing Penny in the classes, a show breeder out of state inquired into using Booker T on her BISS winning Champion female. Of course I was delighted since she was lovely and her pedigree went back to Booker t's roots. From that breeding came an outstanding young girl who had a quick career in the classes. Her breeder, Mike Strum, kept her from that litter. Good thing he did because she soon became:


Ch Stardust Hightrail Afterglow



Penny became the new future for PawPrint. She was bred to Booker T and produced 2 Best of Breed winning sons. Extra joy for me as my newest home-bred winners. JJ finished at 12 months and with 3 Majors including a Best of Breed win from the 6-9 month puppy class. Copper finished at 13 months, with 4 majors and a finishing Best of Breed from the classes over top winning Specials.


Am/Can Ch PawPrint Mirror Image At Ventura


Ch PawPrint's Sharper Image


It was with Copper finishing that Booker T reached an incredible milestone -

American Boxer Club Sire of Merit !!!

This was something I had only dared to dream of as the Champion count started to mount. It was not an original goal, but I would be lying if I did not start dreaming about it after Moment had finished. Thankfully with the patience of my husband as I was away from home most weekends, and the hard work of co-owners and my handlers, it was a dream soon realized. Booker T would join his father, grandfather, greatfather, and so on up the pedigree ladder. He joined them among the ranks of proven top producers. As of this writing, Booker T has sired 10 American Champions. He is concidentally also 10 years old. He is shown occasionally in the Veteran class at Specialties and has continued his winning ways there.



A pointed Booker T daughter I co-owned was bred with the pick male coming back to PawPrint. Diesel made quick work of his time in the show ring by finishing with 3 Majors and winning Best Puppy during the ABC Regionals.


Ch PawPrint Winning Ways


The future moves on. Ch PawPrint's Seduction was bred and produced her first Champion co-bred with PawPrint Boxers and Cinnamon Boxers. Samson became Ch Cinnamon I've Been Seduced. Delilah's second litter is just hitting the ring. Her brother, Ch PawPrint's Plainly Spoken, recently had his first Champion finish - Ch Donray's Butch Cassidy the Kid. Am/Can PawPrint Mirror Image at Ventura sired a promising litter with a male quickly finishing his Championship - Ch Ventura-Star Lord Of The Rings.


In the PawPrint household, Penny had a 3 year break before producing her 2nd litter. From that home-bred breeding we have 2 incredibly promising girls about to hit the ring: PawPrint Holly Golightly and Irondale All The N More. With Penny having two Champions under her belt, I would love to see if she can join Booker T in the ranks of proven producers with her own Dam of Merit.


In the past and even present I have enjoyed other breed rings. I successfully showed a Bullmastiff female to only needing her Majors before her owners pulled her to be bred. Considering I am 5 foot tall and weigh about 110, "Sugar" was bigger than I was. I also have been successfully handling French Bulldogs for friends. I jump in other rings if someone needs an extra hand.


That brings me up to the present. I am in debt to those earlier mentors who helped point me in the right direction. I am grateful to the co-breeders and co-owners that have shared my journey. And I look forward to the future. Just as soon as you get the dog train, polished and shown - they finish and you start it all over again with a new silly puppy.


My latest adventure was on the other side of the lead for once. I was privileged to judge my first Sweepstakes at the Boxer Club of Oklahoma. I had hoped judging the dogs would keep me from being nervous, and I was right. After having "judged" my own dogs through the years, I found I did know what I was looking at and what I was looking for. I was very happy with both my Best Puppy in Sweeps and my Best Junior in Sweeps who also went Grand Sweeps.


One of the things that keeps the ring fun is the people. Your dog is only in the ring for a few moments. Everyone is there for the same reason and with the same goals. I could not thing of better company to keep during a dog show than dog lovers. I have attended many Regionals and Nationals. Visiting with faraway friends and meeting new friends is always the bonus for attending these shows. Watching what stud dogs are producing what types of puppies is another ringside hobby to enjoy. And then there is the dogs. Boxers make this just an incredible adventure. I hope to have many more adventures in the future.


Christina Ghimenti ( pawprintbx@aol.com )

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