What A Judge Expects In The Ring - by Marguerite Dane-Fisher
The first thing I want to see in an exhibit is a dog who is clean,healthy and in good condition.Next I want to see a dog whos temperment is consistant with what the breed standard calls for and who is trained well enough to be able to evaluate.

I want a dog whos initial impression is one of good breed type and who is a well balanced individual.Grooming appropriate to the standard--but not over done or atypical.Dogs should be moved at a speed consistant with the breed standard and presentation should be competent but not overexaggerated.Bait and toys are fine if not used in excess.

I am greedy and ideally want the maximum amount of both type and soundness--but given my focus is the Toy group--type tips the scales in close calls and dogs in general must be true to the essisence of  a Toy--I am unforgiving about large coarse untoylike dogs.

In movement I think both the side picture and the down and back are important and toy dogs need to move the full length and width of the ring.I like to see a lot of free standing and I like dogs who interact with the ring environment--not just stare at the handler/bait.

I tend to form first impressions rather quickly and exhibitors who have their dogs on their toes and showing as they enter the ring-can have gain a slight edge--as well as those who can move without the need to string their exhibits up.

Lastly ehibitors need to be gentle with their dogs,considerate of their fellow exhibitors and as unobtrusive as possible.I have little patience with ruoghness or rudness and wil not hesitate to act in such cases.I expect my ring to be a safe and pleasant place for the dogs and the exhibitors.
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Judging.My BV winner is Ch.Marlisa's Dancin' Apache--this dog was only lightly shown but is one of the best examples of a Smoothcoat Chihuahua one could want--Maggie